Title VI

Federally funded program that goes directly to local programs to meet academic, social and cultural needs.

Eligibility Requirements

-Federal 506 form

-Copy of students Certificate of Indian Blood (CDIB) OR tribal membership OR parents CDIB with tribal membership and student birth certificate OR a grandparents CDIB with tribal membership and parent birth certificate and students birth certificate.

Johnson O'Malley Program- JOM

Federally funded program that provides academic tutoring, counseling, student fieldtrips, cultural activities and school supplies.

Eligibility Requirements

-Federal 506 form

-Copy of student's OWN tribal membership or tribal enrollment

Congratulations to Holly Razo Region 3A NJOMA Teacher of the Year


Lucien Littledave

Native American Advisor
(918)486-4474 ext 5167

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Parent Committee

The Committee consists of parents of Native American students enrolled in Coweta Public Schools. Meetings are conducted four times a year. Parents of Native American students are encouraged to be involved in our program.

President- Holly Razo

Vice President - Marjorie Crawford

Secretary - Robert Gay

Member - Lynn Frierson

Member - Dawn Austin

Meeting Dates
October 13th, 2020
December 8th, 2020
February 9th, 2020
April 13th, 2020

JOM meets at 6:00

Title VII meets at 6:20

Education Service Center

14540 S. 302nd E. Ave