Computer Lab

Central Elementary computer lab consists of 31 computers. During the course of the week, students from Pre-K through third grade visit the lab. Students have access throughout the day for Accelerated Reader quizzes. Our goal is for the younger students to be comfortable with the computer. If we can encourage them with basic knowledge of the computer, and show them what they can do, their own curiosity will take over. The basis motor skills are a challenge for the younger students first learning to control the mouse. Students learn important keys to use, how to scroll, minimize and maximize, exiting and the use of the backward and forward arrows. For our older students, we reinforce what is being taught in the classroom, challenging them to set goals and helping them to reach those goals with instant feedback.

There are many wonderful websites to aide in their learning process that you can also use at home. and are excellent for the younger students, encouraging their reading and math skills while keeping their attention with colorful graphics and music. and are examples of websites for our older students. They reinforce both Language Arts and Math skills based on their grade level. Our computer teacher, personally enjoys and recommends for all ages. It offers something for everyone!


The library is open from 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. First to third grade classes have a weekly scheduled visit to the library. The librarian and library assistant help students select books on their level for practice and pleasure. In addition to the weekly scheduled visits to the library, the students are allowed to come to the library individually throughout the week. We have approximately 8000 fiction and nonfiction books available for students K thru 3.

The students are encouraged to participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. The annual Sequoyah Book list is available for third grade students. In April, the students that have read at least three books from the list will be able to vote for the book that they think is the best.