About Central Elementary

Central Elementary was opened in 1939 serving first to twelfth grade. The school is a part of Coweta's history and many community members attended Central Elementary.

Coweta Central Elementary now serves Pre-K to third grade students. Pre-K is a half day program. Central is a school wide Title 1 school and has many services for our students. Special Education, speech, Indian Ed tutoring, Title 1 inclusion, and before and after school tutoring are some of the programs available to the students. We have a full time counselor who uses Second Step in the classroom and works with small groups and individuals as needed. She also teaches the enrichment program. Central has a computer lab equipped with 31 networked computers offering a variety of learning opportunities. Central has a full gym and a cafeteria with a stage. The students attend PE, music, art, and computers as their activity classes. The Parent Teacher Organization is very active and helps with many projects throughout the year.

The focus of Central Elementary is on the early development of reading and math skills. We believe a strong beginning in these core subjects will be the foundation to a successful education. The faculty and staff are dedicated to making every child successful. We are committed to helping children grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Teachers continue to update and improve their methods through professional development.