Tiger Pause

Purpose: Research shows a positive culture within a school can connect students to learning. Such things as a safe and respectful environment, supportive and personalized learning experiences that allow social and emotional development and personal connections allow student to develop a connection with the school and attain education success. They can also help reduce risky behavior and drop-outs. An effective advisory program can provide these elements and allow students to succeed.


  • Allows students to engage in their educational goals
  • Increases awareness of career and educational opportunities
  • Provides better access to counselors and advisors
  • Builds personal relationships with teacher advisors
  • Encourages a more personal relationship with students
  • Enhancing Character Development in our students to make them a successful, well around, contributing member of society.

Tiger Pause takes place during 4th period on Early Release days; your student's advisor will be their 4th period teacher. Below are links to the curriculum that will be covered each session. Feel free to browse the selections to find out what Tiger Pause is all about!